ICONLOOP is leading the global trend with “MyID” and “DPASS” services based on independent DID (Decentralized ID) technologies


Decentralized ID

DID (Decentralized ID)

DID (Decentralized ID) is a technology providing innovative simplicity and safety on digital identification process. Users can realize Self-Sovereign Identity that allows them to manage and use their own personal data without relying on third parties, leading to greater values such as transparency, trustworthy, and convenience. ICONLOOP is leading the global trend with “MyID” and “DPASS” services based on independent DID (Decentralized ID) technologies.


Blockchain-based Mobile Identity Service – Best Suited for Various Financial services


“MyID” is a blockchain-based mobile identity service realized via ICONLOOP’s independent DID (Decentralized ID) technologies. Personal data will be stored on individual’s smartphone application and the data will be owned and selectively used by the individuals, leading to a safer and easier self-management of their own data. In addition, as my-ID supports identity check on general services and ‘real-name verification’ required by the law to use financial services, users can integrate many IDs used on different services into one ID.

Blockchain-based Access control system


Incorporating ICONLOOP’s decentralized ID (DID) protocol, VisitMe eliminates the hassle involved in visiting an office.
Users simply make reservations to visit the office using an app available for iOS and Android. After confirming your name, phone number, place of work or other basic information, the service sends you an invitation through the app. The invitation includes a QR code.
When you arrive at the destination, simply show the QR code to the scanner at the door and you’re let in immediately.

Blockchain-based Certificate Issuance Service


ICONLOOP’s blockchain-based certificate issuance service “broof” supports the functions of issuing certificates that cannot be forged or falsified and eternal storage of them thanks to the usage of ICON’s public blockchain network. Organizations issuing certificates can be free from setting up a database system and save the costs to issue and store paper certificates. broof users requesting certificates can issue and search the blockchain-based certificates on broof anytime anywhere.

Blockchain-based Self-Sovereign Identity Service


“DPASS” is a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity service realized by ICONLOOP’s independent DID technologies. Users can manage their personal information safely on the DPASS application and use various services without inputting their personal data repeatedly. ICONLOOP supports the users to manage various certificates impossible to be forged or falsified thanks to blockchain technologies affiliating “broof”, ICONLOOP’s blockchain-based certificate issuance service. In addition, personal data can be stored and backed-up safely by using “Vault” technology, a decentralized storage technology exclusively functioning on DPASS.