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Press Release

ICONLOOP appoints James Kim, the Chairman and CEO of AMCHAM Korea, as its first advisor

2019-04-25 18:11
ICONLOOP, one of the largest blockchain enterprises in South Korea, has appointed James Kim, the Chairman and CEO of AMCHAM Korea, as its first company advisor.

ICONLOOP has found many ways of incorporating its technology into various industries in Korea and has grown rapidly to encompass approximately 160 employees within three years since its establishment in May 2016. ICONLOOP is making an all-out effort to become a more mature IT company this year as it marks the start of the blockchain’s full-fledged market entry.

Mr. Kim, who has been leading global companies for over 30 years, and his experience is expected to have a synergistic effect at ICONLOOP. In particular, Mr. Kim, an industry-recognized management expert, is expected to give a big boost to the growth of ICONLOOP.

Mr. Kim served as CEO at leading global companies such as GM Korea, Microsoft Korea and Yahoo Korea. He was appointed the Chairman of AMCHAM Korea in 2014, and has been contributing to the successful entry of global companies into Korea and the creation of a healthy business environment as the Chairman and CEO of AMCHAM Korea since 2017. In the future, Mr. Kim plans to work on expanding enterprise business, setting the overall business direction, and establishing macro strategies for ICONLOOP.

“Having been in the IT industry for a long time and running global companies, I believe the value that blockchain business will have as the next-generation IT infrastructure and the growth potential of ICONLOOP based on its previous moves and achievements. This is a crucial time for ICONLOOP to expand its business in more concrete and practical ways as the blockchain industry is about to fully grow into a blossoming market. I will help ICONLOOP become a global IT company leading the international stage.” said Mr. Kim.

Jonghyup Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP, stated, “ICONLOOP has been solidifying its presence in the Korean blockchain industry as a technology partner of Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea National Election Commission, Korea Financial Investment Association, and Kyobo Life Insurance. ICONLOOP is also continuing its efforts for global business by building smart cities with blockchain as a joint-business partner of WeGO (World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization) and signing a Collaboration Arrangement with ITU. It is an honor to move into the global market hand in hand with James Kim.”