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Press Release

ICONLOOP signs a MOU with SaraminHR to build a blockchain-based HR recruiting ecosystem

2020-02-07 18:31
ICONLOOP announced Friday that it had concluded an MoU with SaraminHR, the company that operates the popular job portal Saramin.

Under the agreement, the two sides will build a blockchain-based digital ID ecosystem and push other joint projects.

In particular, it aims to bolster Saramin’s customer value by incorporating ICONLOOP’s blockchain-powered certification system “broof” and DID solution “MyID.”

Job seekers applying for work through Saramin will be able to submit certificates and accreditation issued through broof.

Broof already has several impressive use cases under its proverbial belt, including use in programs run by Seoul Metropolitan Government and prestigious Korean science and technology university Postech.

Saramin’s incorporation of ICONLOOP’s MyID, solution, could present yet another major use case for DID once that service launches in the first half of the year.

“I’m certain that blockchain technology based on stability and transparency will bring major changes to the HR management sector,” said ICONLOOP JH Kim upon the conclusion of the agreement. “As the many users of Saramin, Korea’s leading job portal platform, come to actually experience blockchain technology, it will become an important case of blockchain — so far nothing more than a technology — making its way into our daily lives in earnest.”